The first-ever AMA [Ragnarok Sarah Server] YMIR Coin

What’s up everyone?!

Hope you all enjoyed the first-ever AMA last Sunday!

But if you still have some burning questions in mind, feel free to watch the replay here on the RSS official page!

Let me tell you though, that is not going to be the first and last AMA…

We have plans of doing it atleast once a month.

Do you think it’s a good idea?

You see, we’d like to reveal our faces and tell the world that we are the RSS YMIR Team!

We want you to know how passionate and committed we are to this project.

So to those who joined us last time and continue watching the replay…

Thank you! We appreciate all the support you’re giving us!

We are releasing the winners of the event that night very soon so stay tuned!

Oh and by the way,

Have you signed up for the Private Sale yet?

If not, here’s the link again where you can start your purchase.

Private Sale Registration:

Want to learn more?

Check out the links below!

Discord Campaign and Referral program:

YMIR Coin Whitepaper:

YMIR Coin Whitelisting:

Private Sale Registration:

Not part of the community yet? Here are the links!

📌Discord —

📌Telegram —​

📌Twitter —​

📌Facebook —​

📌Medium —








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Ymir Coin

The first decentralized cryptocurrency in Ragnarok Sarah Server.