[Ragnarok Sarah Server] YMIR RSS Open Beta Server!

Ymir Coin
2 min readApr 16, 2022


It’s Time, Citizens of Midgard and it’s finally happening!!

After a series of testing…

…at exactly 1PM Philippine Standard Time…

…we are opening the gate of the YMIR RSS Open Beta Test!

As always, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in different phases of CBT, Community meetings, and those who helped us find what else to improve on to make our server become better than ever.

In line with this announcement, please take note of the following updates below.

📌 Account registration is now up! You can register here https://accounts.sarahserver.com/
You can also download the latest client here: https://sarahserver.com/community/files/file/1-rss-full-client-download/
CBT Players can use the current client they downloaded.
Also, be sure you are connected to BSC Mainnet to be able to register! Rok On!

📌 The NEW Smart Contract has now been created. We had to make this change to ensure security in the blockchain. This means that the old contract will not be functioning at all.

Please add our official contract addresses to your Binance Smart Chain and rest assured that every token has been migrated successfully.

Side note: When transacting on the Binance Smart Chain, keep in mind that gas fees are always required. We strongly advise you to fund your wallet with BNB-Bep20 Tokens.

Ymir Coin — Official Contract Address
RoK Points — Official Contract Address

📌 Lastly, The Amazing Race To 99 is going to start today!

How to join?​

Here are the mechanics: ​
➡️ Your character must be level 99.​
➡️ Take a screenshot and submit it to our forums.​
➡️ Make sure you submit it right away, It won’t count unless submitted. ​

Prizes: ​
🏆🏆 1st 99 character — 10k roks + 10k roks bonus (regardless of job)​
🏆 1st 99 per job — 10k roks (ex. 1st 99 for Knight, 1st 99 for Priest, 1st 99 for Hunter, and so on.)​
🏆 2nd 99 per job — 5k roks (ex. 2nd 99 for Knight, 2nd 99 for Priest, 2nd 99 for Hunter, and so on.)​
🏆 3rd 99 per job — 2k roks (ex. 3rd 99 for Knight, 3rd 99 for Priest, 3rd 99 for Hunter, and so on.)​

Alright! That’s it for today’s video 😆 (I don’t know why I used that phrase, it always gets me!)

Let’s get this started!!

RoK ON!!!

Want to know what’s next?​

Join us on our official pages to be ahead of our latest announcements!​

📌 Discord — https://bit.ly/38Es3SH
📌 Telegram — https://t.me/YmirCoinOfficial
📌 Twitter — https://twitter.com/YmirCoin
📌 Medium — https://ymircoin.medium.com/



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