[Ragnarok Sarah Server] YMIR Coin: First Phase of the Public Sale!

We are pleased to announce that YMIR Coin is now open for the First Phase of the Public Sale!

At exactly 11:59 PM Philippine time last night (3:59 PM UTC), the Pre-Sale season has ended.

Thank you to all investors who participated in the pre-sale season and took advantage of the 10% bonus!

For compliance, we have burned a total of 6,159,814 Ymir Coins.

Burning unsold tokens will happen every selling phase and will decrease the total supply drastically by the end of the public sale.

And today is the very beginning of the new sale season.

Public Sale Phase 1 is from Nov, 22–28 where Unsold Tokens will be burned.

Here are the details:

Token Sale — 12,400,000 $YMIR (10% of token total Supply)

No Bonus

No Minimum Contribution

No Maximum Contribution

Price — 0.25$ Per $YMIR

No Maximum Whitelist Address

Vesting — 20% Monthly Distribution

Referral Commission — 5%

Here’s the official contract address on Binance Smart Chain:


Do not forget to register at https://app.ymircoin.com before making your purchase.

Want to learn more about the current campaigns?

Check out the links below!

Discord Campaign and Referral program: https://bit.ly/2ZXegT2

YMIR Coin Whitepaper: https://docs.ymircoin.com/

YMIR Coin Whitelisting: https://bit.ly/3boNHZh

Pre-Sale Registration: https://app.ymircoin.com

Not part of the community yet? Here are the links!

📌Discord — https://discord.gg/vqnyVAXyDw

📌Telegram — https://t.me/YmirCoinOfficial​

📌Twitter — https://twitter.com/YmirCoin​

📌Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/RagnarokSarahServerOfficial​

📌Medium — https://ymircoin.medium.com/







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Ymir Coin

The first decentralized cryptocurrency in Ragnarok Sarah Server.