[Ragnarok Sarah Server] Heart’s Day Event Reminder!

Ymir Coin
1 min readFeb 26, 2022


Greetings everyone! We hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Just a very quick reminder on how you can get more YMIR coins…

Our Valentine event is about to end in 2 days!

And here’s one of the entries from “Blink” that we want to share with you…

Have you seen this entry?

Did you also get that nostalgic feeling with “walis tambo ni Mama” 😂

More of this coming in the next few days!

You can still continue to submit more entries and share your story to inspire us!

Click on this link to join:

YMIR Coin Heart’s Day Airdrop for valentine event https://bit.ly/3LMUexR

Also, Token sale for liquidity is still ongoing!

Check it out on this link: https://bit.ly/3BUYgzx

So invite your friends now to join our community and re-live your stories here in Ragnarok Sarah Server!

Don’t miss out on any updates! Join us in our official community.

Here are the links:

📌 Discord — https://discord.gg/S7SHBxfQpS

📌 Telegram — https://t.me/YmirCoinOfficial​

📌 Twitter — https://twitter.com/YmirCoin​​

📌 Medium — https://ymircoin.medium.com/​



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