[Ragnarok Sarah Server] FB Like&Share | Discord Invite Campaign Winners!!

Greetings Citizens of Midgard!

In lieu of the Token Distribution yesterday, we’d like to thank each and everyone for their continued support.

It’s been an amazing experience and we are so grateful to all of you who have helped make this possible.

Now we are here to announce the official list of the participants who should be rewarded by completing the required tasks in the previous campaigns:

DISCORD $4000 Campaign ended on February 15, 2022!

Facebook Like and Share Campaign ended on December 4, 2021!

For everyone that has joined us over the last couple of months, especially, thank you!

This milestone was not only because of our daily grand but because of your support, so we owe this one to you all!

A great and deserved achievement, but also a phenomenal case-in-point of our persistent success as a team.

Through our collaborative efforts, we are making this project as awesome as it already is.

We will continue to do our best and hope to attain even greater accomplishments for ourselves and the YMIR community.

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!​​

Please do not forget that we have created a new contract address with additional features in it.

Here’s is the new contract address that you can add to your metamask! https://bit.ly/3s9VHqd

Always make sure the receiving wallet is in the BEP-20 network.

To those who missed this one, now is your chance to join us on our ongoing campaigns!

YMIR Coin Heart’s Day Airdrop for valentine event https://bit.ly/3LMUexR

Leave us a like if you’re on the list! RoK on!

Don’t miss out on any updates! Join us in our official community.

Here are the links:

📌 Discord — https://discord.gg/S7SHBxfQpS

📌 Telegram — https://t.me/YmirCoinOfficial​

📌 Twitter — https://twitter.com/YmirCoin​​

📌 Medium — https://ymircoin.medium.com/​



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