[Ragnarok Sarah Server] Another AIRDROP Event!!

Ymir Coin
2 min readDec 1, 2021

Attention Citizens of Midgard!!

Here we go again for another exclusive event!

We’re hosting a massive giveaway for those who have been waiting to get more and more YMIR COINS!!

It’s gonna be epic. It’s time to hype this up on Twitter and Telegram!

Join this exclusive event and win YMIR Coin Airdrops!

How to get some?

Perform the following tasks and submit your details through this Telegram bot https://bit.ly/3G8NcQt or search for @YmirCoinAirdropbot on Telegram to start receiving up to 100 YMIR Coins. ​


▪️ Join one of our Telegram groups (Mandatory: 15 YMIR Coins)

▪️ Follow us on Twitter (Mandatory: 15 YMIR Coins)

▪️ Retweet pinned tweet (Mandatory: 20 YMIR Coins)


▪️ Read the whitepaper (https://docs.ymircoin.com/) and post something that you learned on Twitter containing the hashtag #YMIRCoinAirdrop. The post should not be a simple copy-paste. Post an original comment of your own. (20 YMIR Coins)

▪️ Invite 10 of your friends to join Telegram to earn more points (30 YMIR Coins)

After following the tasks, wait for the admin to verify your entries to credit your account on the token distribution.

There’s a $1000 YMIR Coins prize pool but could be more!

So what are you waiting for? Get on now while it’s hot!!

Best of luck!

Here’s the official contract address on Binance Smart Chain:


YMIR Coin Whitepaper: https://docs.ymircoin.com/

Not part of the community yet? Here are the links!

📌Discord — https://discord.gg/vqnyVAXyDw

📌Telegram — https://t.me/YmirCoinOfficial​

📌Twitter — https://twitter.com/YmirCoin​

📌Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/RagnarokSarahServerOfficial​

📌Medium — https://ymircoin.medium.com/








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